Socially and environmentally responsible resource development rooted in local partnerships is the new way of doing business – and B.C. is leading the way. Contact us to learn more about our mission and work.

The success of British Columbia’s world-class mineral exploration sector is supported by the foundational relationships built between members of the BCRMA. Recent investments, exploration expenditures and advancements of mines in B.C reinforces that the provincial mining industry is strong, competitive and the efforts made by the BCRMA are working.

Our Members


Why join the BCRMA?

Build strategic partnerships: BCRMA membership opens direct lines of communication among peer companies, provincial and Indigenous government officials.

Promote the B.C. advantage: Engage directly with the international investment community at BCRMA-sponsored events.

Advance reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples: We show the world what meaningful engagement and collaboration with Indigenous Peoples looks like and highlight the positive role Indigenous governments play in B.C.’s exploration and extractive sectors.

Support local communities: We leverage our landmark partnership to encourage responsible resource development and ensure positive outcomes for sustainable, lasting economic development that supports local communities.

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